Bank of America Contact Number: 0800 456 1234

To get more information about the banking products and services offered by Bank of America, contact them on their enquiries freephone number 0800 456 1234.

When choosing a bank in which you’ll save your hard earned money, you need to pick one that’s stable and has history. History is important because with a great history and heritage, a bank will be able to better provide for their current customers. One such bank that relies on their long history is Bank of America. Bank of America has been around for more than 100 years. Through more than a century of banking experience, they have already developed the right products and services that are just right. As proof of this, they are currently serving about 50 million people worldwide through more than 5 thousand branches in over 40 countries.

Bank of America specialises in retail banking products such as current, savings and credit accounts. They do however also cater to small businesses. They are also popular for their mortgage loans, refinancing and credit services.

Telephone Numbers

If you’re in the UK and are interested in banking with Bank of America but you would like to learn more about their banking products, then call them on their general enquiries phone line on 0800 456 1234.

If you’re calling from abroad, then you can contact them on +44 1244 675 989.

If you prefer to use the Typetalk, then dial 18001 0800 456 1234.

If you lost your credit or debit card in the UK, then call them on their customer service hotline on 0800 456 1234 for immediate assistance. Bank of America will prevent unauthorised use of your cards thereby protecting your money.

If you’re abroad when you lost your cards, then you need to call them up on +44 1244 675 989.

You can also use the Typetalk on 18001 0800 456 1234 if you prefer.

Postal Address

If you’d rather write to them, then send your post to:

MBNA Limited,
P.O. Box 1004,
Chester Business Park,
Wrexham Road,
CH4 9WW,
United Kingdom.