Zurich Car Insurance Contact Number: 0800 408 0991

To learn more about Zurich Car Insurance contact them on their customer service hotline on  0800 408 0991. You can also call Zurich’s main switchboard on 0800 096 6233.

Zurich Car Insurance is vital. Getting a car insurance is not just required by law, it is something that a responsible vehicle owner must get for his own protection. Driving a car has quite a few responsibilities and even perils attached to it. When you’re on the road, you put your life, your passengers’ as well as those of everyone else you meet on the road in your hands.

Aside from this heavy responsibility of being a protector of not only your life but of others’, you’re also responsible for the safety of your car as well as other’s properties including the cars you encounter on the road. If your luck turns for the worse and you happen to find yourself in an accident, you’ll soon realise that it’s not only the experience that is bad but the aftermath with all the bills coming in every which way as well.

You’ll be bombarded by legal, medical and repair bills and you have to remember that cars cost a significant amount of money and having to pay for major repairs will probably cost an arm and a leg. You can think of this as a hypothetical worst-case scenario, but with a great car insurance policy like Zurich Car Insurance in place – this worst case scenario will be mitigated.

Telephone Numbers

If you’re interested in purchasing a policy from Zurich Car Insurance, then you can call them on their customer service hotline on 0800 408 0991. This is also the number you need to call if you already have a policy with them but you wish to make changes to your policy, like if you wanted to purchase add ons and extras to further improve your coverage.

You can also call them up on their main switch board on 0800 096 6233 or 0179 351 1227. You can then ask to be connected to their car insurance department.

If you got in an accident in the UK and you want to make a claim, then you can call them up directly on 0800 408 0991. If the accident happened in Europe, then call 004 900 923 4200. These numbers are open 24/7.